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Outreach Events

What comes to mind when you envision a scientist? Chances are you think of biologists or chemists, wearing white lab coats peering into microscopes or mixing chemicals in little glass beakers. Or maybe you think of adventurers tagging wild turtles, or working out how researchers can survive on the international space station. We doubt you think of someone who studies language! But scientists study all aspects of the natural world, including language. At the CLASS Lab, our research lies at the intersection of linguistics, developmental psychology, and the speech sciences. We don’t wear white lab coats or measure chemicals in beakers, but we are remarkably adept at tapping into the minds of little people who cannot even talk yet! When given the chance, we love to give back to the local community by sharing our passion for the scientific study of language and child development through lab tours and local outreach events.

Peel Highschool Student Tour

March Break Highschool Interns

Mississauga Library

Edu-Playground Halloween Event

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